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    Quality System, Inspection & Test, Special Inspection
    1.Quality System: CSICSEC has obtained a range of relevant qualification certificates to ensure product quality and meet customer’s requirements. These certificates include:
      1)ISO9001-2008: DN6-400(Gate valve, Ball valve, Globe valve, Check valve, Bellows Globe valve) design and manufacture, special test bench design & manufacture & after-sales service and application software development and computer information system integration.
      2)ASME N & 1 & 2 & 3 grade certificates of valve design and manufacture .
      3)ASME NPT: level 1, 2, 3 valve parts which do not contain design responsibility and Attached parts which contain design responsibility, and supply ferreous metals and nonferrous metals as materials
      4)Saling all kinds of valves to EU.
      5)Design & manufacture of all kinds of valves

    2.Inspection & Test: We do a series of inspection(s) & test(s) for materials, parts of valves manufacture, and other relevant products. They include:
      Inspection of purchasing items
      Material chemical composition analysis
      Mechanical performance test
      Inspection of valve’s parts manufacture
      The last inspection of finished valves
      Pressure test
      Function test
      Inspection of service life.

    3.Special Inspection
      We offer special inspection below which conducted by qualified personnel who got the certification of China National Nuclear Security Administration:
      X-ray inspection
      Magnetic particle inspection
      Ultrasonic inspection
      Liquid penetrant inspection
      Visual inspection
      Leakage test
      Hardness test