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    CSICSEC attended “The 12th China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition” in 2012
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      China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition is the oldest and most influential and professional exhibition in china, and also is the world"s biggest nuclear industry exhibition. On April 3, 2012, China International Nuclear Industry Exhibition was hold in Beijing, on the exhibition, the leaders of National Ministry of Science and Technology, State Environmental Protection Department, National Nuclear Safety Administration were present, the main participating countries ambassadors, the CNNC, the China Power Investment Corporation, China Datang corporation, China Huaneng company and other domestic and foreign large companies attended. CSICSEC attended this exhibition too.

      This exhibition showed the latest nuclear industry trends at home and abroad. At present, the third generation nuclear power plants is the main work in international, but few in domestic, predictably, the third generation nuclear power plant will have a good development prospect in china. So the relevant equipment like AP1000 squib valve will have a good Prospects. As a manufacturer in the limited field of AP1000 squib valve, CSICSEC will have certain advantages in this field in domestic.