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    The Design & Manufacture Review Meeting of CAP1000 squib valve engineering sample
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      On February 14, 2014, China nuclear engineering co., LTD. presided a Design & Manufacture Review Meeting for CAP1000 blast valve engineering sample cartridge actuating device of CSICSEC in wuhan. The participate organizations are Shanghai nuclear engineering research and design institute, CGNPC lufeng nuclear power co., LTD., No.719 research institute of CSIC, Nanjing university of technology , Beijing university of technology, aerospace science and technology corporation first research 14th institute, Institute of nuclear power operation in the nuclear group ,State Bureau of Nuclear Safety and etc.

      In this meeting, the experts examined our design & manufacture working report and relevant technical data. After their discussion, they agreed with the plan made by CSICSEC for design & manufacture working of CAP1000 squib valve engineering sample cartridge actuator. And they also give a lot of suggestions to build a good foundation for the following design & manufacture.