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    Squib valve localization work meeting in 2012
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      On April 11, 2012, China Nuclear Engineering CO., LTD. hold the AP1000 squib valve localization communication meeting. Company leaders of State Nuclear Power Technology Company, Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, China Nuclear Engineering CO., LTD., attended the meeting.

      General Manager Mr. Xu and Manager Mr. Wei of CSICSEC also attended the meeting, their reports about the development of AP1000 squib valve work progress is mainly focused in this meeting, the leaders quite satisfied with CSICSEC"s report and paid a lot of attention. After this meeting, the National Nuclear Power Company leaders give indicates as follows: the squib valve research work of the CSICSEC will be transferred to the stage of formal cooperation with all partners, all members must work together; Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Institute signed squib valve CAP1000 / CAP1400 development agreement with CSICSEC. This agreement will guarantee CSICSEC’s obtaining the order after AP1000 squib valve successfully manufacture as plan. Under the correct guidance of the leadership, and all staff"s hard work, AP1000 squib valve project will finally make a strategic achievement. Predictably, with our constant efforts, AP1000 squib valve project will complete at last, and eventually become one of the company"s core products.