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    The leaders of China National Nuclear Power Company visit CSICSEC production factory in jincheng
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      From September 3 to 4, 2013, the deputy general manager of China National Nuclear Power Company Mr. Qu and the general manager of China Nuclear Engineering Company Mr. cheng and etc. total 6 personnels visit CSICSEC production factory in shanxi Jianghuai heavy industry co., LTD in jincheng. They inquiried about the latest progress of the squib valve research , and give full affirmation for the current achievement of blast valve and put forward higher request, to encourage CSICSEC to make persistent efforts, overcome difficulties and strive to complete the delivery. After that, they visited the showroom of our production factory and our workshop, viewed and closed bomb of CAP1000 squib valve. Mr. Qu give many suggestions to manufacture work of CAP1000 blast valve to emphasis on product quality gave us many concrete requirements and guidance of CAP1000 squib valve research and emphasised that the product quality is important, he also hope CSICSEC can strictly implement the technical route of Westinghouse company, and implement relevant nuclear quality control system, become the first domestic provider of CAP1000 squib valve with the international advanced technology level and quality reliable .